Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Seasons in Korea

Every Season in Korea is different. In the first half of Summer, it is monsoon season and you can expect a lot of heavy rainfall and hot weather. In the second half of Summer, it becomes more dry. When I arrived, it was end of August and the weather was already turning more dry, but the air still remained very humid and it felt very hot. Fall is a beautiful season in Korea, because it is still very sunny, but temperatures aren't too high and the air is dry. The leaves begin to change to beautiful colors. On campus, the Ginko-tree leaves turn yellow, its magical! In October/November it gets colder and colder until the temperatures reach the freezing point. The street will get very slippery because of ice and from time to time you can experience snow fall, which will look very pretty on campus. Still, usually the sun shines pretty often and even if the temperatures are low, the sun can get pretty warm. 

During the seasons, you can expect to find different types of food. Typically, Koreans love to eat Ice Noodles during the hot Summers, but when the leaves start to change, you will find a lot of street food vendors with roasted chestnuts and a pastry in the shape of a fish with a bean and chestnut filling. Those are really good and cheap and I recommend that you try it! In the Winter, there is nothing better than a hot Kimchi stew. It will really warm you up!
So far, I was very impressed with the fall, its probably my favorite season in Korea. But I still need to experience the Spring. I will post more pictures next semester…! 

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  1. Great way to capture the seasons, I love the photos. I also really appreciate all the advice on what to expect with the changing seasons and the street food to match! Glad you're enjoying your time in Korea! ~Melis