Monday, October 7, 2013


So one of the great things about studying abroad in London, is the fact that London is the base for the airline EasyJet. EasyJet lets one fly all over Europe for extremely cheap. If you book your flight a month or so in advance, and don't take much luggage, you can fly roundtrip to virtually anywhere in Europe for under $200.

I took advantage of this a few days ago as I flew out to Oviedo, Spain for the weekend. One of my good friends has lived in Oviedo for most of his life, so I was lucky enough to be able to stay at his house and explore the city with a local.

This was my first time in Spain but it definitely will not be my last. The weather was amazing, the people are incredible, the food is delicious, and the general atmosphere is so much more relaxed than here in London. As far as the nightlife is concerned, everything in Oviedo is dramatically cheaper, and all of the places are open much later. While many bars in London are closed by midnight, some of the places in Oviedo do not start to get busy until 5 or so.

One thing to note may be that people are a little more hesitant to speak in english than in other parts of Europe. I was in Germany a couple months ago and people instantly realized I was American, and started speaking to me in English. While I'm sure everyone in Spain realized pretty quickly I was an American, most of the conversations I had with the people I met there were in Spanish. While my Spanish is not very good, it was a great opportunity to practice, and showed me the things I need to work on.

Overall, I had an amazing experience in Spain. While London is a great city, I love traveling and experiencing new places. Hopefully I get the chance to jump on another EasyJet flight in the near future.

That's all for now.

The city of Oviedo.

Walking through the city.

El Cristo, on the mountains overlooking Oviedo

Mi amigo Alejandro, y su novia Alexia.

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