Monday, September 30, 2013

Night Life

As it is Monday morning, and my weekend is now over, it might be a good time to write about the night life in London. I am 22, so I have been able to get into any place I have wanted to for the last couple of years. I've noticed that there are distinct differences between the night life in every major city. A night out in Berlin, Germany is going to be a lot different than a not out in Honolulu for example. The two things that really stand out about London are 1) The crazy hours and 2) The crazy prices.

In Honolulu, basically every bar or club closes around 4am in Waikiki, and around 2am downtown. Most places do not really have a cover, but if they do it wont really be too much more than $10. London is much different. All of the bars I have found so far close by 11 on weekdays and midnight on weekends. Then, if you want to stay out, your only option is to head to a club. Some of the clubs will stay open until 4 or 5, but you will have to pay a pretty steep cover charge. Most are between 10 and 20 pounds, aka, 16-32 US dollars. 

London is definitely an extremely fun city with a very active nightlife, however, it is worth noting that it can get expensive quick.

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